7 Days Great Migration Safari

7 Days


Embark on an extraordinary safari journey that begins in the enchanting Tarangire National Park, renowned for its majestic elephants and iconic baobab trees. Traverse through the captivating landscapes of Lake Manyara National Park, where the legendary tree-climbing lions await your discovery. Then, venture into the heart of the central and northern Serengeti, where the awe-inspiring wildebeest migration commences its epic crossing of the Mara River, leading them to the lush pastures of Kenya’s Masai Mara. Witness this remarkable spectacle as the migrants spend several months grazing in the Mara before returning to the Serengeti plains to calve in the Ndutu area. Along this enthralling itinerary, you’ll have the chance to witness the breathtaking Mara River crossing, where some wildebeests become prey for the formidable crocodiles. Rest assured, your accommodation will be provided in exquisite tented camps and lodges, ensuring a truly unforgettable safari experience.



Day 1 :

Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, our dedicated and professional staff member will warmly welcome you. They will be ready to escort you to your hotel in the charming town of Arusha, where you will also receive a comprehensive safari briefing. Take this opportunity to unwind and rest, preparing for the exciting adventure that lies ahead.
Nestled at the base of Mount Meru, Africa's fifth highest mountain, Arusha offers a delightful climate and lush green surroundings due to its elevated altitude. While the city itself may not be deemed particularly visually striking, the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Tanzanian people, along with the vibrant energy of a rapidly developing city, lend Arusha a unique charm that captivates visitors. Considered a necessary stopover before embarking on your safari, Arusha reveals its hidden treasures through the friendly interactions with locals and the lively ambiance it exudes.

Following a delightful breakfast, we'll embark on a scenic drive to Tarangire National Park. Here, we'll immerse ourselves in the abundant wildlife with captivating game viewing, maximizing your chances of encountering a diverse array of animals. As the sun begins to set, we'll journey to the quaint town of Karatu, where a comfortable lodge awaits, providing a restful night's stay.
Tarangire National Park ranks as the sixth largest national park in Tanzania, after renowned reserves like Ruaha, Serengeti, Mikumi, Katavi, and Mkomazi. Our activities in this magnificent park encompass an exhilarating wildlife game drive, offering opportunities to witness astonishing sights, such as pythons gracefully climbing trees, alongside sightings of majestic lions, elusive leopards, and a myriad of other remarkable species. For bird enthusiasts, Tarangire is a haven with vibrant yellow-collared lovebirds and subtly beautiful rufous-tailed weavers and ashy starlings among the many endemic bird species flourishing in the dry savannah of north-central Tanzania.

Following a delightful breakfast, our journey leads us to the enchanting Ndutu area nestled within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, an integral part of the southern Serengeti ecosystem. Serenaded by the scenic beauty, we encounter Lake Ndutu, boasting alkaline waters yet still providing a vital source of drinking water for the diverse local wildlife. From December to April, this region becomes the focal point for the awe-inspiring wildebeest migration, with vast herds grazing on the short-grass plains. The Ndutu area thrives with an abundance of wildlife, including majestic elephants, a myriad of bird species, and resident game, creating a truly captivating wildlife experience.
Dinner and overnight Ndutu Heritage Tented Camp

Following a satisfying breakfast, an exhilarating game drive awaits you in the captivating Ndutu area, where diverse habitats await exploration, from swamps and woodlands to soda lakes and the renowned Serengeti short grass plains. As you traverse this stunning landscape, be prepared to witness breathtaking scenes of wildebeest and zebra herds, especially during the brief but eventful period around February, spanning approximately three weeks, when the majority of the wildebeest give birth to their young.
Continuing on with your wildlife adventure, the journey takes you to Serengeti Central, where dinner and overnight accommodations await. The vast sea of grass, while seemingly devoid of cover, is a witness to the mesmerizing cycle of life as wildebeest calves come into the world. This period also presents a vulnerable time for the young as they become easy prey for an array of predators. Nevertheless, these resilient creatures display incredible strength, with wildebeest calves able to run within minutes of being born and gaining the ability to keep up with the herd within just three days. Prepare to be enthralled by nature's wonders as you bask in the extraordinary scenes of the Serengeti's wildlife.

Indulge in a captivating full day of game drives in the mesmerizing Ndutu Area. The Serengeti, Tanzania's oldest and most renowned National Park, holds the prestigious title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and stands as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa. This vast savannah is famous for its annual migration, where an impressive six million hooves resound across the open plains.
The Serengeti offers an unrivaled game viewing experience, providing a close encounter with majestic animals that may have previously only graced the pages of National Geographic. Witness the breathtaking sight of great herds of buffalo, alongside smaller groups of elephants and giraffes. Amidst the vast expanse, observe thousands of eland, topi, kongoni, impala, and Grant's gazelle, creating an unforgettable wildlife spectacle that truly embodies the essence of Africa's unparalleled natural beauty.

Following a delightful breakfast, embark on a scenic drive from Serengeti to the captivating Ngorongoro Crater, indulging in exhilarating game drives along the way. Upon arrival at the crater, immerse yourself in a mesmerizing tour of its interior, where an impressive array of 20,000 different mammals thrives, including approximately 20 black rhinoceros, making this area the premier location in Tanzania to witness these magnificent creatures. The crater floor also boasts one of the highest carnivore densities globally, offering a thrilling opportunity to encounter various predators.
The adventure continues with game drives throughout the day until evening, when you'll journey to the enchanting lodge in Karatu. This unforgettable experience provides a true glimpse into the diverse and vibrant wildlife that inhabits the Ngorongoro Crater, leaving you with cherished memories of this exceptional safari journey.

After a hearty breakfast in Karatu, we will proceed directly to the captivating Lake Manyara National Park before returning to Arusha later in the afternoon. Revered by Ernest Hemingway as "the loveliest I had seen in Africa," Lake Manyara National Park boasts a compact yet diverse game viewing circuit, making it one of Tanzania's most remarkable reserves. The park is adorned with the stunning backdrop of the Great Rift Valley, while the lake itself covers two-thirds of the area.
Lake Manyara is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, with over 400 species of birds inhabiting the park. Among the vibrant avian residents, thousands of pink-hued flamingos on their perpetual migration stand out, accompanied by a multitude of other large water birds like pelicans, cormorants, and storks. Immerse yourself in game drives amidst this picturesque setting until evening, when we will transfer you to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight back home.
As your safari journey comes to a close, cherish the memories of encountering Africa's diverse wildlife and the breathtaking landscapes that have left an indelible mark on your heart. Until we meet again, safi safari, and safe travels on your journey home.

Trip Includes

  • All Game Drives
  • Safari Vehicle
  • Park Entry Fees
  • Accommodations at Lodges/Tented Camps/Basic Camping
  • English Speaking Driver/Guide
  • All Food and Drinking Water
  • 18% VAT Tax
  • At Least 1 Pair Of Binoculars
  • Accommodations
  • Airport Transfers (Arrivals and Departures)

Trip Excludes

  • Tipping for your driver/guide.
  • Tipping for your cook (camping safaris only).
  • Drinks, Snacks and Food (unless specified)
  • Spending money on items not specified
  • Visas & vaccinations
  • Insurance

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7 Days Great Migration Safari
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